Samhain 2017

At Samhain 2017 we will say farewell to Gwythyr Ap Greidal, the Summer King and welcome back our Winter King, Gwyn Ap Nudd.

The Start

The Wild Hunt will begin with a gathering around the Market Cross. There will be Morris Dancing and performances from local musicians and poets while we all gather, as well as the chance for people to enter our costume and banner competitions. (More details of this to come in the following weeks.) Concluding events in the town will be the start of our ritual theatre, performed by our head of theatre’s group, Shadow of the Tor, the arrival of Gwyn Ap Nudd and with the Dragons we will all process through the town. The procession will start at 3.00pm and noisily meander to the Fairfield below the Tor where the fire will be lit as twilight falls, followed by lantern lit entertainments. The crowd, their costumes and noise, are a huge part of the spectacle and experience of the day’s celebration.

Honouring the Ancestors

Throughout the day, until a few moments before the ritual fire is lit, you will be able to give the names of your loved ones to four representatives of the dragons who will be among the crowd. Paper and pens will be provided. The ceremony that we perform is to allow each and every attendee to commune with their ancestors at this time when the veil between worlds is thinnest. We encourage those who wish to do so, to add the names of their lost loved ones to the fire in this way so that they may feel closer to them during proceedings.

** For those wishing to have a lost loved one’s name placed on the fire, there will be four people available to hand them names to. Paper and pens will be provided. The names will be collected in wicker baskets and placed on the fire before it is lit for the ceremony. Pictures of these four name collectors will be posted on our Facebook page (link below) and here on our website in the days leading up to the event.


Everyone is encouraged to bring lanterns or other light sources. Please do not bring anything with a naked flame. There are many realistic LED lanterns available for purchase online.


If you have a drum and can keep a rhythm we encourage you to bring it and join with raising the energy during the dragon’s procession.

Crowning the Winter King

At the Fairfield the ritual theatre will conclude, we will crown Gwyn Ap Nudd as Winter King and pass the crown of seasons from the Red Dragon to the White Dragon, ending with the ceremony to honour our ancestors.


After this we give way to an evening of entertainment including musicians, fire performers, poets and dancers. If you wish to be part of these entertainments then please email