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The Glastonbury Dragons are now preparing for their third year. In our first year we were completely preoccupied with creating the dragons and Gwyn’s throne; and we had to rely on volunteers to help puppeteer the dragons in the eleventh hour. In our second year we had to try and keep the ball rolling but we also had to get official by becoming a Community Interest Company and arranging annual insurance (important and neccesary things but not really creatively stimulating). This year we really want to get back to the dragons themselves and to work out new ways of making the most of them during our two Dragon Days (which correspond with the Celtic festivals of Beltane and Samhain).

Probably our biggest problem, always, is that we never have enough volunteers; and there is so much more that we could do with the dragons other than just march up the high street. This year we want the dragons to stay in the centre of town a bit longer and for them to be more interactive with the crowd before marching off to the Tor. This will require an enthusiastic team of people that can give their time to rehearsal sessions; so we are creating a Dragon Club.

To bring both dragons out to play requires a lot of people. Each dragon requires someone reasonably strong and healthy to carry the head, then about twelve people inside the body of the dragon holding hula-hoops inside the material, and someone to hold the tail; so that is at least twenty-eight people to animate the dragons alone. At Samhain we also need an additional eight people (of reasonable strength) to be the ‘hounds’ that carry Gwyn’s throne; So that takes us up to thirty-six people. Plus we need people to carry the dragon banners, to blow horns, to bang drums, and to marshal and take care of the crowd.

The Dragon Club needs at least fifty people that live close enough to Glastonbury to be able to attend regular rehearsal sessions; not all year round but for at least six weeks before each celebration. As is natural with any large club there will be a regular flow of some people having to step out and new people joining up.

The current vision that we have is that the two dragons have a big noisy and energetic friendly battle in the centre of town. The audience can get involved by joining either the Red Dragon Clan or the White Dragon Clan and partake in an energy raising battle of dance and noise. At Beltane the Red Dragon (Summer) wins and at Samhain the White Dragon (Winter) wins. A large number of visitors will happily join in but we cannot rely on visitors for rehearsals. We need our own Dragon Club people to hold it all together.

Dragon Club members can specialise in Arts and Crafts (making props and costumes); we would love it if we could create a performance team of Dragon Drummers; ‘All Purpose’ members could take it in turns being inside the dragons, drumming, or marshalling; whatever they enjoy doing. If you are interested in joining the club and helping to create some great spectacles and memories please join this group. Click Here to Join