Friends of Glastonbury Dragons

How to be Involved with the Glastonbury Dragons

  • If you can help with any of the following please email us at:
    o   Dragon Legs – be a part of the dragons bodies parading to the Fairfield
    o   Marshalls – Help keep us safe on the day
    o   Arts and Crafts Helpers – helping us to create many things for the festival.
  • Dress Up – It’s the simplest thing you can do to be a part of the whole thing
  • Make a noise in the procession – Drums, horns, and other methods of noise making are always welcome. Please bring your noisy things and make sure we can hear you!!! Earplugs may be required by some!
  • Honouring our ancestors (at Samhain) – We will be using pieces of paper, with loved ones names written upon them, to light the communal fire – this is a profound emotional experience for many, and is a sacred moment that we aim to build upon with integrity this year. For those wishing to have a lost loved one’s name placed on the fire, there will be four people available to hand them to. Paper and pens will be provided. The names will be collected in wicker baskets and placed on the fire before it is lit for the ceremony. Pictures of these four name collectors will be posted on our Facebook page (link below) and here on our website in the days leading up to the event.
  • Join Glastonbury Morris Dancers: Contact Dan de la Bedoyere at
  • Join Shadow of the Tor theatre group: – email: