The 2nd ‘Dragon Con’ was held on 5th May 2018 in support of Glastonbury Dragons C.I.C. for the May Fayre 2018, Beltane celebrations at Glastonbury Town Hall, on Magdalene Street.

Speakers were John Matthews, Yuri Leitch, Peter Knight, Alan Royce, Gary Biltcliffe and Richard Freeman, plus a dramatic performance by Shadow of the Tor



John Matthews squareJohn Matthews – The Dragon Wars of Arthur

John is an internationally recognised expert on Celtic and Arthurian traditions; and he has written over fifty book on these and related subjects.

John will talk about the largely forgotten story of the Maidens of the Wells and of the war between Faery and the Pendragons.  Who were the Maidens of the Wells and why did they lose their voices?  What was the Faery Accord and why was its breaking the signal for a long war between Arthur and the Faery kingdom of Avalon? Website

petersquarePeter Knight – Dragons and the Quest; Connecting with the Earth Spirit

Peter Knight is the author of eleven books about connecting with sacred sites and landscapes.  He returns to our event with another inspiring PowerPoint presentation.

In this talk Peter will share some of the powerful experiences he has had on his own twenty-year-long Quest seeking out the Goddess, dragons and the ancestors.  He advocates that everyone’s connecting with the land should be unique and experiential, and he’ll explain how his journeys have changed his life. Website

richsquareRichard Freeman – The Dragons of Albion

Richard Freeman is a cryptozoologist and he is the author of Dragons: More Than a Myth, and Explore Dragons.  He is the zoologicWebsiteal Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology in Devon.

Richard’s talk will look at some of the many dragon legends of the United Kingdom.  He will examine some of the less well know stories and look at what may be behind them. Website

yurisquareYuri Leitch & Alan Royce – The Well Maidens of the Summerlands

Yuri and Alan are Glastonbury residents, who share an all-consuming interest in obscure esoteric lore, sacred landscapes, and the spirits of the land.  They have written a number of books between them, and they are working together on other projects too.  They aim to bring the wonder and wisdom of ancient Mystery Traditions into the modern world.


In this shared hour Alan and Yuri will talk alansquareabout some fascinating aspects of Arthurian dragon lore including – Pendragon star-lore; Merlin and the Thirteen Treasures of Britain; the Well Maidens as eternal spirits of place; and the ancestral serpent/dragon protective guardians of all and every bloodline. Website (Yuri)

The Well Maidens website is –



garysquareGary Biltcliffe – The Last British Kings: Guardians of a Lost Kingdom

Gary Biltcliffe is the author of The Spine of Albion and The Spirit of Portland.  This new presentation of his will discuss just some of the sacred landscape research from his new book, The Power of Centre.

Gary will give a presentation on the legends surrounding the last British Kings of the North, Urien and his son Owain of Rheged, whose realm was centred on the mystical landscape of the Lake District.  This mountainous land at the core of Britain has many sites named after King Arthur: even a Camelot and a mountain where he lies sleeping, but they actually belonged to the great Northern warriors, whose legendary and magical exploits matched, or even exceeded, that of Arthur. Website

SOT for Dragoncon 2018 smallShadow of the Tor

I am the King!

Shadow of the Tor return to Dragon Con, the home of their debut production with I am the King!, a play that follows King Arthur as he attempts to find his place in a modern world that no longer believes in magic or accepts an absolute monarch. Facebook Page