Here are details of our competitions for Samhain 2017

Costume competition

There are three age categories, with three separate prizes as follows.

0-10 (£20) — 11-16 (£30) — 17+ (£50)

On the day, our most esteemed Town Crier will be present at the Market Cross from 1pm. Locate him, (hard to miss in his regalia, although we shall upload a photo closer to the time,) and he shall take your details and give you a ticket. Winners will be announced a little before 3pm, so stick around!

The theme for the costume competition is Samhain and the Otherworld. If you need inspiration, head to the image search section of your favourite search engine.

Banner competition

Magical and Reenactment groups of all kinds are requested to bring their own banners to this event, the prize for the winning banner will be £100 AND the offer to become our Gwyn’s Herald for the winter.

In the capacity of Herald you will march with our own Dragon banners, behind Gwyn’s throne and at the front of the dragon procession. Once at the Fairfield you will be invited to stand beside the throne.

If you win this prize, you will not be allowed to re-enter this competition for another three years, to ensure each group gets their chance in the spotlight.

To enter the competition, please report to our Town Crier at the Market Cross between 1pm and 3pm on the day to show your banner and to declare the name of your group. Gwyn himself will be selecting the winner of this competition

Finally, a huge thank you to Sally and James North for providing the prize funds for these competitions.