About Glastonbury Dragons

The Red and White Dragons were first given corporeal form in the Beltane celebration of 2010. Yuri Leitch built two small dragons that year to be a part of the procession through town and they proved to be quite a hit. During the planning for Beltane 2016, Yuri proposed that two larger dragons might have life breathed into them and, with agreement from all present, Yuri and Stephen Maddog set to building them. Their time and effort was richly rewarded! The reception the Dragons received on the day made it clear they should be seen more than just once a year! After establishing a team from the organisers of that Beltane event, the newly formed Glastonbury Dragons set about planning the first ever Samhain Wild Hunt in Glastonbury (as far as we know!).

Various seasonal and spiritual events are celebrated in Glastonbury by its diverse community. Some of these events have become established and happen on a specific date traditionally associated with them. To learn more about these please see our Beltane, Samhain and the Celtic Year Wheel page HERE

The aim of the Glastonbury Dragons project is to organise and encourage a wider participation and enjoyment of these events as a community, so we have decided to hold them on days that allow for that wider participation.  Weekends and bank holidays give visitors, tourists and families etc, the opportunity to attend without the usual logistical restrictions.  It also means we can implement road closures with full support and cooperation of the local community and legislative departments. This will ensure these events happen safely and with respect to local residents and property.

Our time and effort is given freely and voluntarily and aided by grants, donations and fund raising (please see our donations page here!). This in turn enables us to provide a more direct point of contact for visitors and tourists to the town. In the long term we hope to be able to contribute our resources towards setting up and maintaining new projects in the town to showcase both its residents talent and the historical significance of this jewel in the Isle.